Bread in honour of the 14th of September

You’ll Need:

* 2 glasses oil * 2 glasses water
* 1 wine glass brandy
* 1 doze baking powder
* 2 dozes vanilla powder
* cinnamon
* Clove
* 700 gr suger
* 1 1/2 gr almonds
* 1/2 glass sesame
* Flour, as much as it takes

Procedures : Cut the almonds in thick pieces. Mix in a bowl the oil, the water, the brandy and the sugar. Then dissolve the baking powder in the mixture and add the vanilla, the cinnamon, the clove, the almonds and the sesame. Finally add as much flour is required for the mixture to become a thick pulp. Baste a round baking pan (of approximately 34 cm diameter) with oil and spread the mixture. On its top pour white thick sugar and some cinamon. Preheat the oven in 180 C and bake for around 45 minutes

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